5 dusting tricks to ease your housework

5 dusting tricks to ease your housework

As most of the housewives, you are also probably searching for an efficient way to get rid of the dust, that covers every surface in your house in a blink of an eye. If you want to keep the dust far away from your home, you need a special strategy. Instead of dusting the shelves and surfaces every day, find the sources of dust in your home and eliminate them. Although they are a lot and you can’t deal with all of them, you can at least decrease them.


Here is a couple of tricks that can help you get rid of the thick layers of dust and ease your housework:

Keep the bottoms of the wardrobes and the closets empty

As one of the ways that dust enters our homes is sticking to our clothes, the wardrobes and the closets in our home are usually pretty dusty. If you keep their bottoms empty, you will be able to wipe them regularly and maintain them clean.

Change the bed sheets once per week

The bed is one of the main sources of dust in your home because it accumulates fibers of the blankets and the sheets. In order to minimize the amount of dust in your bedroom, change the sheets once per week. Remove the used sheets slowly and you will prevent the spreading of dust in the air. What you also should do is beat the dust of the blankets and the pillows regularly.

Open the windows when you use the vacuum cleaner

Because of the air flow in its back part, the vacuum cleaner stirs the air and this is the reason for the dust that you see every time directly after hoovering the floor. Next time when you grab the vacuum open widely all windows in the room and a big amount of the dust will go out. Using the vacuum only once per week will also help you to decrease the amount of dust in your house.

Beat the dust out from the carpets regularly

The fibers of the carpets accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, which we spread everywhere in the house only by walking. At least once per month bring the carpets to the garden or on the balcony and beat the dust out of them. If they are too big you can use professional cleaning company like shiny carpets london a couple of times in the year or replace them with smaller carpets, which will also reduce the dust in your house.

Vacuum the upholstery

Every time we sit on the sofa it absorbs a lot of synthetic fibers from our clothes. That is why the upholstery is also one of the major sources of dust in every house. In order to keep it clean, you need to vacuum it once per week. Make sure you are using the right vacuum attachment for this purpose, otherwise, you may harm the fabric. The pillows of the sofa also deserve special attention. Bring them on the balcony and beat the dust out of them. A very easy way to keep your upholstery dust-free is to put a cover on it. You only need to put it in the washing from time to time and your furniture will always be dust-free.

Try these five tricks and you will decrease vastly the amount of dust in your home. They won’t take too much of your time and only help you maintain your home clean. If you do them regularly, they will not only ease your housework but also ensure the healthy atmosphere your family deserves to live in.


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