Ready or Not

Ready or Not

Here I am.  It was a rocky and somewhat unsuccessful move from TLH (did I mention I’m a beginner?). After deciding on a new domain name, I’ve parked here at “It’s Totally Tiffany.”  We aren’t going to let a little bump in the road ruin my exciting new blogging adventure as a SAHM.  I’ve waited 9 years to be able to say that so it’s worth staying again.  I’m a SAHM.

This is the last weekend of our renovating before we move into our new home in a new town.  There’s so much left to do.   I’m doing trim today which I hate but it has to be done.

Update:  Call me clumsy, I fell off the ladder which cut our day short :0.  Have you ever had an oopsie daisy moment while renovating or working on a DIY project? 

Ready or Not





  1. I’m sure I’ve done plenty of DIY projects that turned out all wrong. Doing something wrong with building a piece of furniture and screwing up about this thing or that thing. Not always doing things in the proper order.

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