The Importance Of Home Removal Vans

The Importance Of Home Removal Vans

On average, more than six million people move home every single year. There are a number of common reasons for deciding to move house that includes better job opportunities, being closer to family or even needing more space because of a growing family. Moving home doesn’t come without a period of a stressful organization such as moving children into new schools and rerouting your existing post. Thankfully, the moving process doesn’t need to be too stressful when you hire an experienced man and van service in the London area.


The biggest difficulty when moving home is all the large pieces of furniture. Thing beds and wardrobes can be heavy to lift and difficult to negotiate through doorways and tight passages. Home removal vans are obviously big enough to store these items and transport them safely to the intended destination. Not only that, but removal men are naturally strong, due to the nature of their job, and through their experience, are used to carrying large items of furniture through tight spaces.

Geographical Knowledge

Anyone who drives for a living will naturally build up a strong geographical knowledge through spending so much time on the roads. They will also learn the best routes to take in order to get to various places. This is especially important due to large vehicles not being able to travel down various roads if there are low bridges. Hiring a removal service is an advantage as they will know the best route to take to get your belongings to your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fewer Trips

While it is possible to hire a removal van that you can drive yourself, the chances are that you won’t have the necessary experience or confidence to drive the largest of vans. This will likely result in the need for a number of trips, back and forth, in order to get everything from your old home to your new one. Hiring a man and van removal service will mean access to the biggest of removal vans, with the intention of getting as much as possible into the van, which will hopefully result in fewer trips between houses.


When hiring a van yourself, you may not know the best way to load the van and strapping everything down. This could result in your possessions sliding around in the back of the van during transit and possibly ending up damaged. Professionals are more experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to loading the van, and making sure everything is secure, before setting off and ensuring that your possessions reach your new address in the best possible condition.

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