Beauty Blender Set

If you know anything about you are well aware that I love makeup and have plenty of it. I love doing my own or simply doing others. I love to try different types of makeup as well. Some are successful and I love it and some are just not made for me. I have been noticing this egg looking thing that many people have been using and I thought to myself what in the world is that? Well, I had to try it out because seemed like everyone was using it and their make up was always on point. I looked them up on the internet and came across this Fairyland Beauty Sponge Blender Set and thought what the heck it is worth a try. They were very cheap as well, so what do I have to loose? Well, I ordered them off of amazon and they were here within two days. It came with 3 beauty blender sponges and a holder, 2 silicone blenders and a holder for it as well. I was very excited to give them a try. I was getting ready for work and thought it would be a great time to try it out. So I did and now I know why everybody is using them. They are not like the old sponges I have been using for years that just smudge your make up onto your face. They blend it in so smooth that you can not even tell you have makeup on. I had a big problem with trying to blend my make up with my neck, but with this set, it seemed to blend it in perfect. I will be using these beauty blenders on myself and others from here on out.

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