Blackhead remover

I will start off by saying I have very oily skin. I try to keep it clean and oil free. From time to time my face seems to break out. I have watched videos of how to remove blackheads and I have tried all of the utensils and all but nothing seemed to work. I thought to myself I must not be doing it right or I just don’t have a lot. I came across this blackhead remover suction machine and thought well this will never work. I glanced at all the reviews and it seemed to be if everyone was really satisfied with this product. I told myself this would be the last thing I try, then I am done with it, that I just did not have any blackheads. I purchased it off of Amazon and I was really excited to try it out. We were headed out the door when the UPS man brought it so I took it along on the trip with me. I immediately opened it up and put it to work. It has different settings for how much suction you want. It also comes with a charger and four different change of heads. I was and still am in shock. I watched it suck up my skin in the mirror and all my black heads popped up out of my skin. It was so amazing but gross as well because I did not know I had that many in my face. After I was done my face was as smooth as a babies bottom I could not wait to do it again so I did it the very next day but wasn’t much there is that I had gotten most of them the day before. I would highly recommend this to anyone. If you are anything like me and did not know if you have the head or not this suction machine will be the first to tell you.

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