My family and I are always on the go. Any time that we are out and about I always find myself taking pictures/videos, or I am always checking my email/social media. Keeping my phone charged is a job. I have a pre teenager and she too has a phone that she likes to keep on hand at all times as well. We are always switching back and forth for the charger while in the car. I then went online and thought to myself there has to be some kind of solution. I was right I found the Ulwae USB Car Charger Compa on Amazon. I first took a look at the customer reviews which they had amazing reviews on this product. I ordered and it was here within two days. One of the things I love about the Ulwae USB Car Charger Compa is that it allows you to charge two devices at one time. My daughter and I no longer fight about who’s phone are on what percent anymore. It is very durable and not cheap made. You can tell this company has inspected this product to make sure it will with hold anything. It also is an ultra high power 4.8 amps output into two ports or 2.4 amps per port so it is able to charge our devices in my time. It is capable with any USB port you have. It is very small so it’s not taking up much space. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves to travel or simply if you have a phone.

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