Cheese Please

One thing we love to do as a family Is entertain our friends and family. Certain nights we like to invite our friend and family over for a glass of wine or two. We entertain them by having fun games out for them to play or having some good music on to dance to. Another way to be a great host is to make sure there is something to snack on just in case anyone gets hungry. What is best to serve a guest who is drinking wine? Cheese of course! We love creating a cheese platter for our guest. It is so fun to make because there are so many different cheeses in this world. We love to get creative and make many different things and plus it is a great time for us to spend time with one another. We have been entertaining our guest for months now and we were missing one thing, presentation. Usually, we would just put it on a fancy plate and be done with it. I was online one day and came across this beautiful cheese cutting board and right away I knew that is what we have been missing all this time. I ordered it off of amazon and it was fairly cheap and it was here right in time for our family and friends night. Everyone loved it and thought it was perfect for our cheese platters. Now our entertainment skills are complete. I love this cutting board simply because you can cut your cheeses on there and also use it as a serving platter so it is like two in one. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is planning to have a party or just simply having a couple of friends over.

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