Contour palette

There’s one thing you’ll learn about me right away. I’m a diva. I was born a diva and I’ll die a diva. I love beauty and fashion so much, that’s it a natural part of my life. Cosmetics are to me like a briefcase is to an attorney. I never go anywhere without mine. In fact, I could go so far as to say, I apply fresh makeup when I go to bed. “You never know who you’ll meet in your dreams *wink*.” Today I’m going to share my wonderful experience with the Ellen Tracy Pro Contour palette that I purchased at my local TJ MAXX for $12.99. I purchased this palette about three months ago and I was impressed immediately! It came with a bronzer, contour, highlighter, angles brush, powder brush, and a blending sponge. One low price for so many products all in one palette.

For such a low price, I thought what the heck I will try it. The bronzer is a little too dark for me and gives me too much of an orange look, but keep in mind that I am very pale and I think that has a lot to do with it. Let’s just say I would recommend this product for anyone that has a darker tone. I can’t get enough of the blending sponge which I use every time I apply makeup (daily). I’ve never had a more blended look before from a sponge. The brushes are higher quality than I expected which was a bonus. Plus my palette included very detailed instructions on how to apply the product for beginners. As soon as I get my tan on this summer from my upcoming beach escapades, I’m going to enjoy the bronzer along with the other products.


  1. I am super pale, too, but I would definitely try this. In the summer, I tan, so I bet it wouldn’t make me that orange 🙂

  2. This all looks fabulous! I don’t own a lot of make up so I always like to read what’s popular and such. My daughter is much more girly than I am and I imagine she’ll love all of this.

  3. I like that the palette came with detailed instructions for beginners. That is always really important to me when I try new makeup looks.

  4. What great find! It’s great that it has instructions. I wear makeup like never so when I do need to I definitely need some guidance!

  5. What an awesome palette (and an awesome price!). I love finding stuff like this at such reasonable prices. What a great find!

  6. From a guy’s perspective this post just reminded me how much time and money I save not using makeup. Always nice to find a nice deal on a product that works really well. Nice heads up on something I’ll suggest my wife keeps an eye out for.

  7. Makeups, a great demand for all verities indeed. Thanks for the tips and I am surprised to see sich low price for these products. It was informative about something, people really get to know about.

  8. I don’t usually wear make up but I would agree that the Ellen Tracy Pro Contour palette is a great find for a reasonable price! I love that it comes with a guide. Awesome!

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