Let's shake things up bit

Let’s shake things up bit

I recently have tried making better decisions on my health, so I started drinking protein shakes. The only hard thing about drinking it was making it. It became a hassle. I was constantly stirring the powder and seemed to be
doing nothing but lump up. So I searched the internet for some shaker cups online and came across the NutraEdge Shaker Bottle. So I took my chances and bought it on Amazon. Delivery was fast and I only had to wait only two days and it was at my door steps. I put my water in along with my protein powder and closed the bottle and gave it a good shake, then I looked to see and it was a perfect blend no clumps! It also came with a blender ball that you put in the bottle to help mix your ingredients. Another great thing is I had no mess to clean up. It does not leak and is very easy to clean, and it is very durable. I can have my protein shakes for breakfast and it does not take long to mix it. The bottle has fingertip grooves on the side so if your anything like me and always on the go this is a perfect cup to grip and go. The only thing I do not like about it is that I don’t have two of them. My other half and I fight over it every morning, but you know what they say the early bird gets the worm. Needless to say, he is on order at this moment. Also, some of my work out buddies have tried this and they too are in love with it. I mean what is there not to love? I have caught my daughter mixing her chocolate milk in there as well it worked great for her treat too. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Even if you don’t drink protein drinks it is great for other things as well. #Natrogix

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