Resistance Stretch Bands

I have recently gained a couple of pounds that I was not intending to do. I then started to work out and eat healthily. I didn’t know where, to begin with, my work outs. It made me question do I need to join a gym? Do I need a personal trainer? If so then that would mean another bill every month and I was trying to go the cheaper route. I then googled work outs you can do at home which leads me to many work outs. I came across the Resistance Stretch Bands. I thought I would give this a try. I ordered my Stretch Bands off of amazon and in two days they were here. It came with 4 Heavy Resistance Stretch Bands Marked with Resistance Level (X-Light (Yellow), Light (Red), Medium (Blue), Heavy (Black)) Plus 1 Travel Bag, 1 Instruction Guide & 1 Door Anchor to safely anchor your bands to almost any door. This is great for our family while my daughter works out with the x-light while I work out with the medium and my husband works out with the heavy. I never expected it to work for every part of your body. Usually you would have to get on different machines at the gym to work on different places on your body but with the Resistance Stretch Bands all you have to do is change positions. Also, it is great because once you build your muscles up you can always go up on the bands. It is also great for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Sports Training, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet Dance & More. This product would also be great as a gift for football players, basketball players, or even elderly people. My daughter takes her band to gymnastics to warm up and stretch her body out before going out there to perform. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

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