Seven Family Friendly Pool Games

Seven Family Friendly Pool Games

Partaking in organized pool activities is a fantastic way to create cherished family memories.

When the sun is sitting high overhead, and the thermometer indicates the temperature is steadily increasing, it seems like everyone in the Peach State is in search of family-friendly ideas to keep from getting too hot. Waiting patiently in a house, while simultaneously basking in the chilled air from an air conditioner is an obvious option, but children are soon longingly staring from windows, begging their parents to play outside. Teenagers and adults are glued to devices and become overrun with cabin fever. During a hot Georgia summer day splishing and splashing in the rejuvenating and invigorating waters of a cold swimming pool is just what the doctor ordered for young and old alike.

Family-friendly pool games and activities are an ideal way to embrace the joy which a pool inspires. Children easily acclimate and familiarize themselves with the rules and embrace the carefree qualities of pool play. It can be more difficult for an adult to play like a child, however. When they do their heart is lightened, and the stress and responsibilities of adulthood are shed away, leaving them open to experience pure joy and happiness. So grasp onto the innocence and lighthearted behaviors of a child and play in the pool. Here are some classic pool games which can be enjoyed by the entire family:

Marco Polo. Named after the infamous and nomadic explorer, Marco Polo involves one person with eyes closed who yells out “Marco” while the other players beckon back with “Polo.” The Marco tries to find the Polos by following the sound of their voices. Once the Marco tags a Polo, the roles transition and the tagged Polo becomes Marco.

Pig. Played on the ground or in water, Pig is a classic basketball shooting game. This game is also commonly referred to as, “Horse.” Simply set up a poolside basketball hoop and players shot from anywhere, trying to match made shots. Every time a player fails to duplicate a made shot they add a letter from the word “PIG.” The first person to spell the entire word loses.

Dive Games. When tossed in, diving sticks or dive rings sink to the bottom of a pool and swimmers can jump in to retrieve them. Their bright colors make them easily seen from the water’s surface. If you have little ones, this is an excellent way to help them learn to swim under water.

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Volleyball. Simply set up a net and go to town passing the ball back and forth from one side of the pool to the other. Bump, set, and spike your way into a competitive family tournament or just a simple game of over the net.

Tag. Requiring a minimum of two people to play but a game which can withstand innumerable participant, tag creates fun that can last for hours. It is another game that transitions perfectly from land to the water.

Shark and Minnows. For this activity, one person is dubbed the “shark,” and they align themselves in the middle of the pool while the minnows all line up on one side. When someone proclaims “go,” the minnows quickly maneuver their way to the other end. The shark attempts to tag the minnows, and anyone who is tagged joins the shark until there is only one minnow remaining.

Squirt Guns. Splashing about in the water is one of the benefits of playing in the pool. Horsing around with water guns is a fun way to recreate child-like moments.

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