Silicone Oven Gloves

One of my hobbies includes cooking. I enjoy cooking with my daughter, it’s a time to show off my great grandmother’s skills. Also to teach her all the secrets there are to know about cooking. One thing is for sure getting burnt on the other not so much fun. Did you know that each year in the United States there are around 100,000 people that go to the hospital due to scalding injury? That is a lot and as a mother, I try to protect my babies plus myself. Have you ever fried bacon and always get popped by the grease? I have and it is not fun what so ever! I recently looked online to better protect my family and I. I came across some Silicone Oven Gloves and thought it was worth a try. They were very affordable so I wasn’t loosing much if they didn’t work. They arrived two days later as promised when I ordered them. I tried it out on dinner that night we had meatloaf. I was a little scared at first being I didn’t know how well they were going to work so I tested it a couple of times before grasping onto the pan to pull it out of the oven. It worked amazingly. I not only use it in the oven but also for the grill as well, and also when I am frying something and the grease get to popping I just put on these gloves and they protect my hands from being burnt. Another great way that we have used it was we grilled a Boston butt the other night and was making BBQ well it was way too hot to tear apart so my husband put the gloves on and shredded the meat up and poured on the BBQ sauce and it worked amazingly. There are a lot of different ways to use these gloves. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who cooks. Overall very satisfied.

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