Tire Pressure

With owning a vehicle there are many things you have to be on the look out. Such as oil changes, tires, coolant, gas, and many other common things. Let’s talk about tires. Tires are very important because without them it will not allow you to get to point a to point B. I recently had a blow out on the highway and it could have been easily avoided if I would have checked my air pressure from time to time. Instead, I was riding around on a tire that hardly had any air pressure at all. That is what caused me to have a blowout and end up on the side of the road. Then I told myself I will check them once a week from now on. I did not have a tire pressure gage so I surfed the net and found this cute tire pressure gage that was easy to read and use. It was also small enough to put it in my middle console to remind myself to check. It is a tire shaped gage and test pressure all the way to 100lbs. It also has a release valve on the side convent enough to press it with one finger. I would highly recommend anyone who owns a vehicle or knows anyone that does to make sure they are checking their tires before driving off so they will not end up on the side of the road such as myself. This is a great gift for that special someone in your life to show them you care and you care about their safety as well. Also to new beginner drivers just remember keeping the right air pressure in your tires will also save you gas and lives.

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