Zesty Paws Pure Salmon Oil

One thing I can say about this company is everything I have tried from them I have instantly fallen in love with. This salmon oil is great for my furry friends simply because it supports joint function, great for their little heart, helps them produce a beautiful coat and healthy skin. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, pure salmon oil. Not only does it make their fur shiny but also soft as a baby’s bottom. I received this product in the mail it came UPS and it only took a couple of days to get to my door steps. It came in a 16 oz bottle with a pop-top dispenser and they also included a pump dispenser as seen in the picture below. It also needs to be frigerated. I immediately gave it to my two pit bulls and they loved it. I was worried at first because they are picky eaters but they loved it. Very simple to use. It provides a chart on the bottle of your pets specific needs also known as a weight chart. For my two dogs which are between 50-60 lbs, we apply three pumps to their dry food. With a slight shake or stir, they are gobbling it up before it hits the ground.

The first thing we noticed was how much more they looked forward to feeding time. Second, after approximately 1 week, we noticed a great deal of shine in their coast. It was almost like their winter coat was coming in. This product defiantly helps support a healthy skin and coat. It goes without saying in this household our dogs are family. We trust giving them nothing but the best. Zesty Paws is a wonderful product made right here in the USA and use a good manufacturing practice (GMP) which consist quality. I sure hope you will try it, you will not be disappointed. Also a reminder this product is great for cats as well. Get yours today at www.ZestyPaws.com

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